Children’s Books

“Ovidio, the piglet who was bored” – English Children’s Book



This story is about Ovidio, a piglet who get bored of pig’s life style and decides to go away to discover and see the world. Everything goes well till the piglet get hungry and he can’t find his way home. But here come to help him Emilia, a sweet girl, and her kitty Moses…


“Mim and Armando go to the Zoo” – English Children’s Book


It’s a sunny day and Mim decided to take her little puppy Armando to visit the Zoo. Which animals are they going to see? And how Armando will behave?


“Two bunnies find a big carrot” – English Children’s Book


It all began when two bunnies noticed the same big carrot. They need to find a way to decide who has the right to get it. Or maybe…


“Puppy, you need a name!” – English Children’s Book coverdefinitivo

This is the story of Eleanor, a solitary girl, and her little puppy, that she found one day in a park. The girl wants to find a name for her new friend, but the purpose takes longer than expected because the two are too busy in their adventures…